Permanent Make-Up


Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure also known as micropigmentation. Similar to tattooing, extremely tiny amounts of natural pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin (i.e., right under the surface of the skin). Permanent make-up has many applications for both women and men, for a wide range of age groups. Itis very popular with young adults seeking a more dramatic appearance. More “mature” women, weary of applying conventional make-up, find permanent make-up a blessing. Permanent make-up can help restore a more natural look following surgical or other medical procedures (e.g., chemotherapy) especially for eyebrows. Types of permanent make-up procedures include brow enhancement, eyeliner/eyelash enhancement, lip liner/full lip shading, areola recolor, men's treatments, 3D, hair stroke, eye shadow, scar camouflage, skin color correction
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